Modern stimulant substances

Modern stimulant substances «GW1516» gene doping «GW1516»

a new drug, for both domestic and international markets around the world. By the structure «GW-1516" has a typical organic compound. It is designed for the injectable administration.

«GW-1516" is manufactured by «St Biotechnology». Processes of its effects on the body are significantly different from the usual work of a number of popular doping substances among bodybuilders: hormones, peptides, steroids, and other types of drugs used in sports.

All of the properties and possibilities of gene doping «GW-1516" are not fully understood yet. Nevertheless, the effect of the drug cycle was tested and confirmed by practical use. The development and clinical trials of the drug «GW-1516" was carried out as the development of drugs to treat a variety of cardio - vascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

The history of the development and emergence of drug «GW-1516" it’s a history of special preparation. American specialists of the Institute of Biology of the issues, "Salk" for a long time tried to develop a gear that would increase endurance with minimal negative impact on it. Curated by well-known specialist in the field of chemistry – Ronald Evans, the research institute conducted the study of effects of two new substances on the clinical mice. These substances proven their positive action on physical characteristics of the experimental animals without additional medications and exercise.

Expectations of Ronald Evans’ Research was partly justified. Mouse what received a chemical substance had only slightly increased performance, greater physical changes were not observed.

However, when mice started to have physical exercises, during the medical treatment with the preparation, chemical compound showed excellent results. Endurance, strength rates of mice were doubled by incorporating into the genome of animals of a new modification special core cell receptor gene PPAR-delta.

It was initially intended to regulate and control the process of cell metabolism. During the experiments and study the effects of modern new generation antidiabetic drug – glycogen synthesis, method of getting rid of the excess glucose, scientists discovered and developed the drug «GW-1516."

Studies of carbohydrate metabolism was the beginning of a new stage of development of medicine - the emergence of gene doping.

After many experiments and researches on some drugs with a similar orientation, managed to achieve the desired result, but only under the influence of physical activity. Designed gene doping «GW-1516" increases physical endurance, strength, allows prolonging the duration of the training process of the athletes.

The drug «GW-1516" helps to improve the physical condition and muscle tone in inactive patients, reduce the amount of body fat in overweight patients.

In 2004, scientists conducted research and development of gene doping under the supervision of R. Evans. It develops a theory about various modifications of muscle fibers. There was no goal to develop a sports doping, to achieve great sporting results. The experiments were carried out and funded by the US Department of Health.

Muscle fibers are divided into two types:

  • the first type of fibers, which are slow, they have a great endurance, require for their operation a large amount revenues glucose, oxygen, fiber cells require power continuously;
  • the second type of fiber is fiber that quickly "tired", but they can get energy and power at the expense of glycogen breakdown, and the importance of their presence is no less important than the first;

All existing muscle contain fibers belonging to both types. Nevertheless, in some muscles that perform more loads that are static include a plurality of first type fibers.

For example, the leg muscles are fiber - the second type that best cope with the dynamic nature of the load. Patients with diabetes or obesity have lack of muscle fibers of the first type. Two universities of America, with the responsible specialists of the famous scientist R.Evans long time were looking for a tool that would be unique, easily and quickly could fight obesity and overweight.

Pharmaceutical corporation «GlaxoSmith Kline» was involved in the development. The company for many years occupied the first place of the leaders for the production of a variety of essential drugs and medicines. This fact indicates that the development and experiments were not conducted to create doping or steroids. Created therapeutic drug was demanded by a number of patients. For best results, a number of studies it was decided to carry out in several research institutes in order to compare development and exchange of experience.

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The extent and methods of influence of such drugs on the human body is completely different from the effects of anabolic steroids, aimed at increasing muscle mass without affecting the strength and endurance.

The developed area of ​​nuclear receptors "PPAR" is responsible for the regulation of many genes in different tissues activated. These drugs trigger an increased metabolism. Their work is also aimed at a constant cyclic adjustment of fat metabolism while working as a fatty acid regulator - prostaglandin eicosanoids.

Research experiments, which were carried out on the possibility of using a strong agonist "PPAR" - «GW- 501516" - revealed that the activation of the selected type gene may constitute a turning cholesterol transport, produce straightening profiles lipoprotein, triglycerides. "PPAR" have an important impact on the appearance of the placenta, obesity, adjustment of cancer prevention; factors affect the appearance of the symptoms of diabetes. The "GW-1516" substance has received wide popularity as "gene doping". There is information that the original drug «GW-1516" was the brainchild of the military developments, which were aimed at creating tools supporting soldiers in combat abilities a long time.

For a time, there was a discussion in the media about the development of the drug to create "universal soldiers" ended. For a long time it was believed that the protein component of the drug «GW-1516" has been working at the molecular level, it operates and changes the human genetics.

In fact, the drug accelerates excellent metabolic processes in cells, and protein feeds them vitamins.

The mechanism of action of the doping agent is such that it acts on the body at the genetic level, executes metabolism acceleration processes in cells. The consequence is performed to obtain the desired effect - providing increased strength and endurance.

Today «GW-1516" is widely used in sports activities such as gene promoter metabolism growth, endurance, increase strength.